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Alter Gravity

Alter Gravity was made over the 48 hour Global Game Jam for SCAD and The Guild Hall. I had help design the game and created all animations. There in its first debut, it won "Crowd Favorite" and "best in Show". It has gone on to win "Best Indie Showcase" at Geek-end at the Guild Hall and The Georgia Game Developers Associations' "Best in Georgia". Alter Gravity is going to be featured in Atlanta's SEIGECON in October 2017 and IndieCade 2017. 

In Alter Gravity We follow two lonely Astronauts. waking from their cryo-sleep, only to discover that their ship is dying and they must escape before it is too late. The only functioning portion of the ship is the gravity stations, where one can alter the direction of gravity of the others astronaut. In this two-player only game, players must work together to escape the ship.

Sprites Animation

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